Hand Made Creams

Our creams are made the old fashioned way - mixed on a marble slab. After cooking up a sugar syrup, we pour it on a 3 inch thick marble slab to let it cool down. When it reaches the desired temperature, we start adding the various ingredients for the particicular cream we are making that day.

Mixing in the egg white nougat cream.

Most of our creams start out this way. This one is a lemon cream.

The batch is mixed until it will hold its shape.

After letting the batch set for a while, it can be picked up

and placed in the depositor.

The depositor squeezes the cream center out the bottom through a die with 48 holes. A wire cuts the cream into little balls.

The cream centers are enrobed in chocolate within 24 hours like these chocolate meltaways.

Check out the making of the BIG Bunny.

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