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Chocolate Gold Coins

Custom Gold Foiled Coins

Custom Embossed Gold Coins in milk chocolate or dark mint chocolate. Great for weddings, promotions, sales calls, or any special occasion. Available in bulk, packaged in net bags, or custom printed boxes. Standard plates available for birthdays, anniversaries and major holidays.
We take a blank foiled coin and stamp both sides at one time. To make a truly custom coin, we need to make two dies from your black and white camera ready artwork. There is a one time plate charge to make the dies.

We have standard dies at no extra charge that read as follows: Happy Birthday, You're the Greatest, Thank You, Something Special, I love Chocolate, It's A Boy/Girl, Congratulations (wedding Anniversary), Sleep Tight, Please Come Again, US Flag, Flowers, Teddy Bear, Balloons, Happy 25th/30th/40th/50th Anniversary, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Halloween, Menorah, and Happy Holidays. Selection is subject to change.

Coins are weighed not counted but there are approximately 62 coins per pound.
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Qty in Lbs Approx Qty of Coins Approx Cost per Coin Notes
1 to 5 62 to 310
$ 0.52

 1 Lb Minimum

6 to 10 372 to  620
$ 0.42


11 to 19
682 to 1178 $ 0.40


20 or More 1240 or More $ 0.37


One time plate charge for custom die $65.00 per die.
Save by using one custom die and one standard die.
There are approximately 62 coins per pound including the foil.
Quantities are weighed not counted.
Above prices are based on 62 coins per pound.
Approximately 1240 coins per 20 Lb case.
F.O.B. Santa Barbara, CA. Minimum $13.00.

Order Now: 1-805-967-4688 (10 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST)
Fax 1-805-357-5988 (24 Hour)