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Texas Crunch - 8 oz Tub
Texas Crunch - 8 oz Tub Quantity in Basket: None
Code: TxCrunchTub
Price: $11.75
Net Wt.: 8 ozs.

Choose a Flavor:
Milk Chocolate
SemiSweet Chocolate
"Texas Crunch - No doubt our Number One piece of chocolate. If my web site is out of date, it's because I'm too busy making Texas Crunch.
Made with broken bits of our English Toffee center, and generous, but not too much, amounts of chocolate, Texas Crunch outsells every other piece 2-1 year round, except for our famous English Toffee, which runs a very close second.
Texas Crunch comes in 1 lb and 2 lb boxes, and an 8 oz tub. These can be had in all milk chocolate, all dark, and the boxes can also be half and half. Sorry, the 8 oz tubs are either all milk or all dark chocolate."

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